Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas: Scarves

Cotton Scarves
We love our tartans and our plaids.

This American Colors by Alex Lehr scarf is their 'Alaska Plaid scarf'. It has a very crisp and clean look, something our favourite Alaskan adventurer would have worn.

One can not get excited about plaid without mentioning black watch plaid and the Black Watch.

"From 1725 the government force of the Highland Independent Companies introduced a standardised tartan chosen to avoid association with any particular clan, and this was formalised when they became the Black Watch regiment in 1739."

The 'black' in Black watch was for the dark green and blue tartan that they wore, and the 'watch' was that they would watch over the clans. This dark colour combination became know as black watch plaid or tartan.

(American Colors by Alex Lehr Black Watch Plaid Scarf)

Wool Scarves
A handmade wool scarf is a great gift idea.
It's practical  and thoughtful.

The Leigh Austin Infinity Scarf is made from Peruvian mountain sheep. The wool is exceptionally soft and fine due to the very high altitudes that the sheep live in making for a non-itchy wool.

The hand made Lark Stadium scarf is made in Vancouver with Canadian wool from a very small farm in Alberta run much as it was over a hundred years ago when it was first established.

The Stadium scarf is available in Cream with black stripes, and also in Matte Black with cream stripes.

Wool Care

A nice addition to a woollen gift is The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo. It keeps your woollens soft and prevents them from becoming itchy and dry. Made with essential oils, the cedar scent also helps keep moths at bay.

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