Friday, May 30, 2008

Zeha-Berlin since 1897

We've just received some new shoes from Zeha-Berlin. This time, our favorite Oxford shoes are available in this beautiful grey/ beige colour.

Zeha was founded in Welda, Thuringia. (Germany) in 1897. It started the production in 1948, and established its trademark with football boots in the early 50s. It became official supplier of the GDR Olympic team in 1960, and it won the gold medal for exceptional performance in the field of street-wear at the Leipzig Trade Fair in 1965.
Zeha production ceased after the fall of the wall in 1993, however, two Berlin designers rediscovered Zeha in 2002, and they created "Zeha Berlin" collection with the energy of the young capital city. 
Zeha shoes are all hand made in Italy now. They're made out of high quality and largely bark tanned leather, which gives a touch of individuality to each shoe. Thus, slight difference in colour, structure or aspect are completely normal and not due to poor quality errors, but prove the individuality of the product.

Now, Zeha shoes are here in Vancouver, and they make our feet always happy. The history, the quality and the craftsmanship are always the key words at Lark.

 Oxford Camello  ($372.00)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yoshi Special (Part 4)

Summer is here.
and here!
My summer top looks like this. I like the other one with longer sleeves, too.
It looks like this closer.
a little bit closer.
and a bit more.
Zoom in!
And, rewind...
and back...
Thank you for looking! Have a nice day!
Viva Top by Yoshi Kondo ($238). Jeans by Nudie Slim Kim Ecru grey. Shoes by Zeha.

Yoshi Special (Part 3)

A white cotton shirt can be so beautiful and amazing when Yoshi designs one. You'd think "it's just a shirt" if you only saw this in the pictures, but it's really not "Just a shirt". It's THE shirt, that you'd like to wear on a hot sunny day, and you wish sumner would be endless and peaceful. This shirt brings you lots of happiness and smiles. (Realistically, you would never be too hot in it, so you could stay cool in hot weather. I think that's pretty peaceful already.) It's a happy shirt for everybody!
Viva Top by Yoshi Kondo ($238). Jean by Nudie: Slim Kim Flat Indigo. Shoes by Zeha.
So beautiful.

Nice details on the back, too.
We have this style, too.
It's also very nice.
This is the kind of detail that makes me really happy. (and geeky...)
Beautiful fabric from Italy. ciao!
Cute little button like a candy. yum.

Pasta T-shirt

??? What is this???
Look closer.
Oh, I love pasta.
I loved it too much, and had to have it on the shirt.
This is what happened.
It's not just pasta that is italian this time.
The message is in italian, too. 
Pasta T-shirt by LOVA ($71)

Man Ray T-shirt

This is a very well known picture, Le Violon d'Ingres (The Violin of Ingres) by Man Ray. I love this image.
I found this T-shirt designed by LOVA. It became one of my favorite T-shirts in this summer. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Tea Party

Our Mother's day tea party was really lovely. Thanks to Steeps Tea Lounge we had the most amazing selection of teas.

We had to take pictures of the teas to show you.  This one is called fresh and fit. 

Berry Good

Sun of the East

Rose Tea 

There was brandy.....

........nice people...

...fancy tea cups and saucers...

and Italian biscuits and chocolates!

We had a really nice day! Thank you to everyone who came and had tea with us.