Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Arrived: Yoshi Kondo AW'10 (2nd Delivery)

We received our 2nd delivery from Yoshi Kondo!
Those special cardigans are back!!!

So many beautiful details...

Navy cardigan with a (detachable) tie. 
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*** "CAT" cardigans in beige colour were sold out so quickly this time, but we have good news! We managed to get the very last one in size Small from Yoshi. Don't miss this chance!
(Black is also available in size S and L now.)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Now Online: Scott-Nichol socks

Founded by Mr John Scott-Nichol, the brand has always been widely associated with outdoor living and country pursuits. Established in Shepshed, on the edge of the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire.Scott-Nichols socks are still made on Bently Kommet knitting machines which are immaculately maintained.
 "All socks produced by us are made in Leicestershire, England so you can rest assured that when you buy Scott-Nichol, you are buying the best of British!"

This season we have selected Shetland wool socks. Shetland wool is distinctive in that the fibres are of a very fine quality and prone to tenderness, due to climatic and feeding conditions, resulting in the fibres having a very soft and silky feel.

Hand Linked Toes

Scott-Nichol believes that the hallmark of a truly high quality sock is the hand-linked toe. This term depicts the, long abandoned, traditional method of closing the toe seam whereby the the threads of the unfinished socks are joined together, by hand, matching thread with thread. This process requires a great amount of skill with hand-linkers taking up to 5 years to truly master the technique. All Scott-Nichol socks come with a hand-linked toe as this process results in a virtually seamless sock, unlike conventionally linked socks where there is often a bulge of thread left at the seam which can be a source of great discomfort and irritation when worn with tight fitting shoes. 

Hunter's Help
We woke up early in the morning to take pictures of the Scott-Nichol socks and some other items for our online store. Hunter came along to  keep us company.
As you can see she worked really hard to help out.

Scott-Nichol socks are now available online for men and women.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Arrived: Burkman Brothers (2nd delivery)

Our second delivery from Burkman Brothers just arrived today!!!
It's amazing!
Sooooo gooooood!!!!!!
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A  Brief History

As with many heritage brands Paraboot came from humble beginnings. With dedication, hard work and innovation is now an iconic French brand.

Founder Remy-Alexis Richard was born in 1878 to a rural family that sold leathers to shoemakers. Fast track to 1908, Remy started his own company designing and making shoes which he took to Paris to sell. After marrying Julliette Ponvert in 1910 he established the Richard Ponvert brand.

In 1926 Remy visited North America and saw rubber soled shoes for the first time. The raw material came from Amazonia and would be shipped from the port of Para in Brazil, and that is how he came up with the name "Paraboot, in 1927 the brand was registered and established. 

Read more about Paraboot history here if you're into it.

To this day Paraboot is run by the family now in it's third generation. Paraboot supplies the French navy with boat shoes (coming to Lark in the spring of 2011) and has seen the peak of Mount Everest, most notably on the feet of French explorer Emile Victor .

It's in the details

"Paraboot shoes are completely hand cut and hand stitched. Total loyalty to traditional techniques is as true for the“Norwegian Stitch” construction methods, as it is for the tanning process, to obtain the best leathers."

Norwegian Construction
Paraboot’s perfection of this technique, originally used for mountain boots, has made it the world leader. It offers many advantages :

- Two rows of stitching that steadfastly hold together the leather upper, the welt and the sole guarantee that the shoes will be waterproof.
- A technique that assures comfort and strength.
- A cork filling between the leather insole and the sole to assure maximum comfort and breathability.
- The possibility of resoling permits a long life for the shoes.

In 1919, 150 manual operations were required to make a pair of shoes. Today, not a single one has been eliminated.

At Paraboot, attention is paid to every detail: rigorous selection of the leathers, quilted linings, leather or rubber midsoles with cork inserts, etc, in order to guarantee maximum flexibility, waterproofing, comfort and hygiene.

Today, Praboot is the only manufacturer in the world that makes it's own rubber soles, proof of a quality rarely equalled. 200 craftsmen and women produce 350 000 pairs of shoes per year at our two factories in Izeaux and Fures, in the Isere valley in France.

Shop for Paraboot online for men and women

Monday, September 20, 2010

Now Online: Paraboot

Made in France, available for men and women. 

Shop Paraboot at Lark online

Now Online: Johnstons

Shop for Johnstons tartan scarves online!

Friday, September 17, 2010


A Brief History

Johnstons scarves are new for Lark but they have a history that dates back to 1797. As you are probably aware it's not just the heritage products that we love, but also their actual histories. 


210 years in the making

Independently run since 1797, Johnstons has been making beautiful knitwear, clothing and accessories from the most luxurious wools known to man for over two centuries. At our mill on the banks of the River Lossie in Elgin we still produce all our woven accessories, homewares and much more. Meanwhile, Johnstons knitwear is crafted at our factory in Hawick.

The Johnston Family at Newmill House circa. 1890

James Johnston, the son of founder Alexander Johnston, and the pioneer of chashmere and vicuna weaving in Scotland

"The greater part of our range is crafted in our two mills in Elgin and Hawick by 700 skilled staff. We remain the last fully vertical mill in the UK, the only still to carry out all processes from raw material to finished garment, which gives us unique competitive advantages.
With our 213 year history, we pride ourselves in making better products, with superior colour, design, handle, drape and longevity. We use only the best raw materials and every product is washed in our own local water, ensuring the softest of finishes. We are among that rare breed of manufacturers who still retain the skills to achieve these standards." 

We have in stock tartan scarves in soft merino and also lambswool

If you are really into it you can read more about this company here and read the chronology here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Arrivals: Zeha-Berlin now online

New for fall is the Oxford #378.4 for women. 

We had the oxford heel last fall and we loved it so much that we did it again in a new leather.

This season we did an exclusive boot for men and women. This very rich chestnut colour in the traditional Zeha ankle boot is done without the detailing on the toe. It's so classic and somehow fresh and new at the same time. You can get the #346 ankle boot  online if you can't make it to Vancouver.

Every season we stock up on the Military boot in a different leather. For fall we've done a dark brown with some variation throughout. The vegetable tanning process allows for some beautiful colour detailing.

This is a new Oxford #379.3 style from Zeha. It's got clean lines and minimal stitching so that the texture of the leather really shows nicely. The simplicity of this shoe really shows off the skilled craftsmanship.
Men's Oxford #378. The colour is basically burnt sienna, it's a really rich colour that we think looks great with grey, brown, black, jeans...pretty much anything you can think of.

Our fall Zeha-Berlin collection is now online with the exception of one men's style that is coming soon.