Friday, September 17, 2010


A Brief History

Johnstons scarves are new for Lark but they have a history that dates back to 1797. As you are probably aware it's not just the heritage products that we love, but also their actual histories. 


210 years in the making

Independently run since 1797, Johnstons has been making beautiful knitwear, clothing and accessories from the most luxurious wools known to man for over two centuries. At our mill on the banks of the River Lossie in Elgin we still produce all our woven accessories, homewares and much more. Meanwhile, Johnstons knitwear is crafted at our factory in Hawick.

The Johnston Family at Newmill House circa. 1890

James Johnston, the son of founder Alexander Johnston, and the pioneer of chashmere and vicuna weaving in Scotland

"The greater part of our range is crafted in our two mills in Elgin and Hawick by 700 skilled staff. We remain the last fully vertical mill in the UK, the only still to carry out all processes from raw material to finished garment, which gives us unique competitive advantages.
With our 213 year history, we pride ourselves in making better products, with superior colour, design, handle, drape and longevity. We use only the best raw materials and every product is washed in our own local water, ensuring the softest of finishes. We are among that rare breed of manufacturers who still retain the skills to achieve these standards." 

We have in stock tartan scarves in soft merino and also lambswool

If you are really into it you can read more about this company here and read the chronology here.

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