Friday, August 24, 2007

High Kai!!!

No High Kai is not a karate move...but if it was I would learn it!

Much like the long John the High Kai is super tight and super stretchy. They feel like leggings so biking, walking and dancing are no problem no matter how tight you wear them.

What makes this jean so special is the rise is higher than the John. Some would call it a high rise, but mid rise would be more accurate. The best part is that even if you need to bend down to tie an awol shoe lace your bum stays inside your pants. No more bar stool nightmares, no more sudden cold drafts on the ol' kidneys, no more sharing your underwear with the world.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fall so soon!?

Hi Everyone!!

We have all kinds of new things in the store that we haven't had the chance to photograph and post yet. In the next day we'll have our new arrivals refreshed and I'll make sure that there are some photos posted here too.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nudie's on Men and Women Part2!

As some of you have already known, we've got a new colour for Tight Long John for fall/winter now. This new colour,"Dirty Stretch", has some warm brown in indigo, and looks nice and vintagy. The orange stitches are slightly darker on this denim. It definitely looks awesome with a pair of rich brown leather shoes, or even gold shoes!!!

Nudie's on Men and Women!

Yesterday Isaac stopped by the store and we got him in a pair of the selvage edge dry black Grim Tims. It's a style that has more room than the Thin Finn through the leg, the yolk isn't as high, and it's got a button fly. Natsumi tried a pair on as well so you could see how they look on men and women.

Aside from modeling for us Isaac was also kind enough to show let us take photos of his indigo coated Thin Finns that he's been wearing for a few weeks. They are getting a nice shine to them and the indigo is really coming out nicely in the creases. We are all really curious to see how they will look after he washes them.