Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nudie's on Men and Women!

Yesterday Isaac stopped by the store and we got him in a pair of the selvage edge dry black Grim Tims. It's a style that has more room than the Thin Finn through the leg, the yolk isn't as high, and it's got a button fly. Natsumi tried a pair on as well so you could see how they look on men and women.

Aside from modeling for us Isaac was also kind enough to show let us take photos of his indigo coated Thin Finns that he's been wearing for a few weeks. They are getting a nice shine to them and the indigo is really coming out nicely in the creases. We are all really curious to see how they will look after he washes them.


Basco5 said...

Those pants look so nice. Maybe I can find some place here that sells them.

Lark said...

Hey Basco!

If you can't find a place in Copenhagen that sells them I'm sure a quick ferry ride over to Molmo would do the trick!