Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's been far too long since we've written on our blog, but a lot has been going on at Lark so keeping up has been a challenge. We still have our sale going on and we've had loads of new styles and colours of Nudie and Denimbirds jeans come in over the past two weeks. After an all too brief trip to New York in search of new and exciting things to bring into the shop we found ourselves so visually over stimulated that we had to take pictures of everything. Here are some of those photos so that you can see some of where our inspiration comes from.

One of the places we went clothing hunting was in an old synagogue. It was so beautiful. The paint was peeling off in multicoloured layers creating an amazing atmosphere that had you respecting its history.

If you ever get homesick for East Van in New York you just need to go to the Cake shop in the Lower East Side.

Posters of kittens, fake wood panel walls and christmas lights all in one space is like East Van through beer goggles.

The seventies rec room tied it all together nicely.

If you don't miss home and you want to go out somewhere so New York it breaks your heart you can do that just around the corner.

There are art installations at almost every subway stop. All of the pieces blend in with thier environments so you don't always notice the art at first.

The next blog will be posted very soon. There are a couple of things we're thinking about and want to share with you.

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