Monday, April 21, 2008

Vintage Silk Tie

Vintage silk tie by LOVA ($119) (sold out in stripe, still available in solid black)

Lark Movie

That's right, we made another one!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dresses (Part 2)

As we promised last time, we'd like to share some more of the fantastic dresses with you again. (We've received a lot of great response for the Part 1!  Thank you!)

Dress 4: Daytime Lounge
Dresses don't always have to be just for some special parties or formal events. In the summer time, there a lot of things you'd like to do outdoors, like going for a picnic, BBQ, bike ride, or even just for a walk. 
Dress: Brief dress by Won Hundred 
This is one of the dresses that is super easy going and casual. This amazing colour of deep indigo blue definitely makes you feel happy and active. It looks great with the lace-up boots or even rain boots like the english country style.

Dress: Frock pleated dress by Paperbird ($230)
This is our another favorite dress for a hot sunny day. The fabric feels very soft and light. It's a kind of dress that reminds us of some old 60's french movies.

Dress 5: Craftsmanship & Integrity
This is the dress that we absolutely admire and appreciate every single little detail.  The fabric is the superb quality cotton from Japan, and even the designer had to put the special tag that said "Fabric from Japan" on it. It's THAT special. It's not that kind of dress anybody could pull off easily. This dress definitely requires you to understand the REAL craftsmanship and aesthetic quality. It's made in Japan.
Dress: Voyage by Yoshi Kondo ($506)

Dress 6: Retro Romantics
The colours, the silk, the ribbon, the puffy sleeves, the pockets, and the stunning rose print!!!!!
This is for someone who knows how to have fun.
Dress: Venka Rose Top by Malene Birger ($358)

Dress 7: Metallic luxury
This is a very interesting dress. This dress has the great balance of softness and sharpness. The shiny fabric has such an amazing impact, and the round neck line and the puffy sleeves soften the whole look without being too sweet or girlie. This material has actually got some gold tint in it, so it blends in the warmer colours easily, and it makes your skin look nice and creamy. The body part is almost straight and goes just a little bit wider at the bottom. 
Dress: Silver dress by Bruuns Bazaar ($355)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dresses (Part 1)

The one thing we know is that finding a special dress takes lot of effort. There are a lot of dresses out there that certainly keep you from being naked, but they don't always make you look beautiful.

With all of the weddings, dates, summer evening walks, brunches, nice days we have coming up dresses are the perfect outfit. All you need is a dress, a pair of shoes and out the door you go.

Women are shaped so differently from one another so we've made sure to have a diverse selection of dresses. Since we've started with Malene Birger we've realized that she is the queen of lovely dresses. We've got in stock cotton dresses and silk ones. Many of them have hidden pockets which just makes them even more precious.

Dress 1 : Comfort & Fun
This dress has an awesome graphic print, but it's not just all about the print. This dress can change its fit and silhouette dramatically with just one belt. The fabric has the perfect softness and flexibility to enhance any body shapes. This is the great dress for a lazy day or an active day, and also you can change the way it looks easily with the belt if you're too busy to get changed for going out. (Of course, the belt comes with the dress.) Here are some examples of styling. 
A: The belt --- just on your waist.
B: Lower waisted belt.
C: No belt.
D: Empire waisted.
Dress: Sheena Dress by Tiger of Sweden ($189)
Dress 2 : Swinging 60's 
If you're into the 60's style, a mini tube dress is a must.  Even if not, this type of dresses usually look really cute and young, and work very well with boyish body types or curvy figures. The pleats on the front create the beautiful shades and movoment on silver.
Dress: Silk Shift (with custom made silk screen printed hemp silk) by Paperbird ($360)
Dress 3 : Jazzy 1920's inspired
These are the 20's inspired dresses that are totally free from the strict waist lines. They usually have straight and long lines from the top to the bottom. This kind of dresses look very easy to pull off, but they can be quite tricky if you don't know your body shapes well enough. 
Dress: By Malene Birger.
This style has been very successful with any body shapes. It's slimming on the curvy body types, and it gives enough fullness on the boyish slender types as well. This antique yellow gives you some soft warmth on your skin. 
Dress: Mustard Dress by Bruuns Bazzar ($250)
This dress has the classic 20's style of "dropped waist". It's a straight tube shape, so it can be very fitted around the hips. 
Dress: Essential Dress by Malene Birger ($325)
This is the most relaxed style. It has the amazing textured fabric and this soft grey looks very calming. It has a sort of the classic 20's look, and also has a bit of nostalgic country feel as well. It is well balanced with some subtle but amazing details to keep it look original and modern. This square neck line is the key of this dress. It helps the dress not looking all round or shapeless. 

To be continued.....