Friday, April 4, 2008


If you love your clothes we now have some amazing detergents you can use to show them just how much you care for them. The Laundress is more than pretty packaging.

Denim Wash
If you love dark raw denim, but find the need to wash them before the recommended 6-8 months this detergent is for you. It will help your jeans keep their indigo colour longer and it will also soften the denim so that it is more gentle on the skin. Although we are all pretty intense denim purists here at Lark we also live in the real world where beer is spilled and hot dogs fall apart.

Stain Solution

It works, it really does.

Delicate Wash

All ladies have delicates to wash. If you don't have any silks or other such fibers in your wardrobe it's worth buying some just so you can use this detergent.

Le Chien et Le Chat Detergent

If you have pets this is a must. It even removes the three molecules that make cat pee stick to any clothes that your cat uses as it's litter box. The last cat I had that did that got an eviction notice pretty quickly, but then I didn't have The laundress.

Sweater Stone

The sweater stone takes piling off of your sweaters making them look like new again. All wool piles, how much depends on the type of wool. All you have to do is gently rub the sweater stone over the piles and they come away easily.

Darks Detergent

Faded black clothing is sad. A little black dress is completely ineffective if it's grey, so you may find this wash useful.

Whites Detergent

This detergent smells amazing, and in our experience it definitely does make your whites brighter. It's better than bleach as bleach will yellow your whites.

Fabric Fresh
This product uses enzymes to kill odor causing bacteria. You can use it on upholstery, your clothes and fabric slippers too! It's great for traveling, and life in general.

Crease Release
Perfect for travel.

Machine Cleanser

The Starter Kit
This is a great gift for someone who appreciates fine things, beautifully packaged things, and things that smell nice. It's also a great travel kit for someone who globe trots with their favourite garments in tow.

We have testers will all four scents for you to smell. The Laundress makes all of their products with care, they test on themselves and use no ingredients that are harmful for the earth. The detergents are all concentrated so you really don't need very much to get your clothes clean.

At the end of the day one of the best part is how well everything works and also how amazing everything smells!


Basco5 said...

I'm pretty impressed with that blog, I'll have to search Copenhagen for these products, especially the travel kit.

Lark said...

Hey You!

Yeah, the travel kit will make traveling smell nicer for sure!