Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now Online: Yoshi Kondo!!

Yoshi Kondo started his fashion career at ISSEY MIYAKE International Corporation as a men's designer in 1982. After working for ISSEY MIYAKE for 6 years, Yoshi moved to Europe in 1987. He worked as a women's designer at Olivier Lapidus Paris and World France Paris until 1992.
In 1993, Yoshi established Aissa Design Studio and now works exclusively on his own collection.

When we found this brand we were so excited because we had never seen anything else like it. Yoshi Kondo embodies style and never follows trends. The quality of his clothing something you have to experience to understand. 

Dining Jacket, also comes in Beige which is actually a very beautiful soft rose colour.

The Gel Cape is made with waxed cotton from the supplier that supplies Barbour with their waxed cottons.

If you are building a solid wardrobe and are looking for pieces that you pull out season after season then this is the designer for you. Just like there was only one Monet or one Billy Holiday, there is only one Yoshi Kondo.