Friday, May 30, 2008

Zeha-Berlin since 1897

We've just received some new shoes from Zeha-Berlin. This time, our favorite Oxford shoes are available in this beautiful grey/ beige colour.

Zeha was founded in Welda, Thuringia. (Germany) in 1897. It started the production in 1948, and established its trademark with football boots in the early 50s. It became official supplier of the GDR Olympic team in 1960, and it won the gold medal for exceptional performance in the field of street-wear at the Leipzig Trade Fair in 1965.
Zeha production ceased after the fall of the wall in 1993, however, two Berlin designers rediscovered Zeha in 2002, and they created "Zeha Berlin" collection with the energy of the young capital city. 
Zeha shoes are all hand made in Italy now. They're made out of high quality and largely bark tanned leather, which gives a touch of individuality to each shoe. Thus, slight difference in colour, structure or aspect are completely normal and not due to poor quality errors, but prove the individuality of the product.

Now, Zeha shoes are here in Vancouver, and they make our feet always happy. The history, the quality and the craftsmanship are always the key words at Lark.

 Oxford Camello  ($372.00)

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