Friday, December 11, 2009

Feature: Scott-Nichol socks


Scott Nichol has been established as a manufacturer of fine quality men's socks for over seventy years.

Picture of a pair of Scott-Nichol 'Pheasant' turn-over top shooting socks. Worn with matching Scott-Nichol garters.

Founded by Mr John Scott-Nichol, the brand has always been widely associated with outdoor living and country pursuits. Established in Shepshed, on the edge of the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire where it to this day still manufactures all of it's socks.

"We take pride in our traditional design and like to let our English heritage show"

Scott-Nichol believes that the hallmark of a truly high quality sock is the hand-linked toe. This term depicts the, long abandoned, traditional method of closing the toe seam whereby the the threads of the unfinished socks are joined together, by hand, matching thread with thread. This process requires a great amount of skill with hand-linkers taking up to 5 years to truly master the technique. All Scott-Nichol socks come with a hand-linked toe as this process results in a virtually seamless sock, unlike conventionally linked socks where there is often a bulge of thread left at the seam which can be a source of great discomfort and irration when worn with tight fitting shoes. Production is drawn from an extensive range of immaculately maintained Bentley Komet knitting machines.

We love Scott-Nichol socks because of how well they are made, because they are true to their heritage and because some luxuries are too good to live without.

We've just made our Scott-Nichol selection available online.

Scott-Nichol is available exclusively at Lark in Vancouver.

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