Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vancouver Olympics Journal (pt 1)

As 2009 drew closer to 2010 we at Lark spent a lot of time trolling the internet for sites, blogs, anything that would give us an idea of how this massive event would affect us. Since we came up empty we decided that for those in London, and Olympics beyond, we would write about our experiences.

Lark is located at edge of the Olympic village. On Main Street (where we are located) street parking will be prohibited from February 4th to March 21st. There are two good sized parking lots about a block away from the store. The Olympic village is between our location and downtown Vancouver, which is almost entirely surrounded by water.

Today is February 3rd and so far it feels like any other February. The news tells us that there are about 2 million more people in the city, mostly media and I believe the athletes themselves are starting to arrive as well. We've also heard that pick pockets and thieves have also already arrived and that we should be wary. No sign of this Olympic element yet either.

We are looking forward to the excitement.

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