Saturday, February 20, 2010

Introducing at Lark: LEVI'S Vintage Clothing

In 1947 The post-war version of the 501® jeans starts coming off the production line. The cinch is gone forever, the rivets are put back on the watch pocket and the Arcuate is now stitched with a double-needle machine which gives it the “diamond” shape at the point where the two lines
of stitching meet. This creates the uniform look of the Arcuate, which is in contrast to previous years, when the single needle application gave each Arcuate design a unique appearance, depending on the skill of the operator.


The first television commercial for Levi’s jeans is aired.
The rivets are removed from the back pockets and replaced with bar tacking. This is due to the fact that the strong rivets eventually wore through the denim, exposing them and causing the problems that led to their being covered back in 1937: scratching furniture.
Read the entire timeline of Levi's Strauss here.

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