Friday, February 5, 2010

New Arrivals: Barbour

Let's start with the classics
The Classic Beaufort jacket.

(Pictured with Tannis Hegan recycled fur earmuffs, a fantastic city catch for your game pocket)
The Classic Beaufort Looks great on women too. 

Bedale in black, also available in navy and classic.

The international Jacket
The debate about who it was that first invented the motorcycle jacket rages on eighty years after it's inception. The only thing that anyone can agree on is that it is a British invention. 
The Barbour story takes us back to the 1930's when:

Duncan Barbour (John Barbour's grandson), a keen motorcyclist himself, introduced a motorcycling range in the 1930’s which quickly took off, and Barbour suits were worn by virtually every British International team from 1936 to 1977 when Barbour made the decision to pull out of the motorcycle clothing market.  In 1957, 97% of all competitors who took part in the Scottish 6 Day Event rode in Barbour International Oiled Cotton suits.   

The history of the Barbour International is connected to a one piece know as the "Ursula Suit" named for the Ursula, one of the first U-Class submarines. Captain George Phillips (captain of the Ursula) had Barbour cut the suit into two, add elastic to the pants and create a jacket from the top half. He paid out of his own pocket to have the prototypes made for himself and his (bridge) watchmen. "Ursula Suits" became standard issue in the submarine service.  

All that we have to say about it is: Steven McQueen. 

Although we love the Beaufort and the Bedale on women as much as we love it for men we made sure to bring in styles just for women.

The Hampshire

The Antique Union Jack

...and the antique coastal durham jacket are all fit for a woman. All three are flattering on every size and shape. 

Barbour is one of those brands that keeps moving forward steady and strong. With three royal warrants and more then one hundred years of history it has proven to be relevant regardless of world events or generation gaps. If you are interested in reading about the entire history of Barbour you can do so here. Once you wear a Barbour you will wonder how you've ever lived without one.

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