Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zeha-Berlin: Urban Classics (Men's & Women's)

 Ankle Boot Tortora Bliss (Available in Men's sizes)
Ankle Boot Bosco Bliss (Available in Men's sizes)
Oxford Nero Morumbi (Available in Men's & Women's sizes)
Oxford Osso/Wash (Available in Women's sizes)
Oxford Grey Morumbi (Available in Women's sizes)
Ankle Boot Tortora Bliss (Available in Women's sizes)

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It all began in 1897 in Weida, Thuringia, Germany: then and there the master shoe maker Carl Häßner started to produce shoes which were soon to become popular all around the world. Thanks to premium quality and a design, which was already uniquely stylish in the wild 20s, Zehas became THE fashion item of artists and Bohemians. After the German separation Zeha started to focus on the prestige field of sports and soon advanced to be the official supplier of many Olympic teams.
After production had ceased in 1993, the brand fell into oblivion. But already in 2003 the Berliner Designer Alexander Barré and Torsten Heine initiated Zeha's successful comeback.
Committed to the Bohemian tradition, the casual designs of the new collection mirror the early days of the Zeha era. A touch of the 20s with the classic "Captoe Oxford"- and "Derby"-cuts of this epoch. A modernised and clear design and exclusive materials: the shoes are a great combination of traditional chic and uncomplicated style.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Speciality Fabric Care: The Laundress

Stain free, Stress free
"Pit” Stain Removal Recipe:

*for use on durable fibers such as cotton and cotton blends

-Pour The Laundress Stain Solution on the direct stained area.
-Run hot water (we pour boiling water from the kettle) onto stain and soak in a basin.
(I usually soak for an hour or so, run some errands, etc)

-If stain has faded but isn’t completely gone, repeat the process.
(I keep repeating till satisfied)

-After pre-treating wash with The Laundress Detergent in the machine.
(We recommend the Whites Detergents for whites)

Stain Solution
non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free

We all know how frustrating tough stains can be. However, if treated properly they can be beat. The Laundress Stain Solution is enzyme-based to handle all mishaps. The Stain Solution is better to apply to a stain and soak/launder. Recommended for tough stains such as wine, tea, blood & grass.

Whites Detergent 3X Concentrate
non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free

We know how hard it is to keep your favorite white t-shirts white. The Laundress Whites Detergent is formulated to keep your whites as clean and bright as new. This product is composed to illuminate your white laundry by combining a non-bleach agents, optical brightener and stain fighting agents with our Classic scent.

Wash & Stain Bar
non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free

The Laundress developed Wash & Stain Bars as an alternative to removing tough stains on your sweaters, delicates and more. This product can be used for spot cleaning, hand washing or laundering on the go! The Wash & Stain Bar is best when used for working on stains found on collars, cuffs, small straps & other tricky areas. Not recommended for wine or tea stains. They're not just for washing...place in a drawer, closet and luggage. Airplane friendly.

Stiffen Up
non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free

We know how important crisp clothes are, but who wants to smell like starch? The Laundress developed Stiffen-Up with their Classic scent for starching use.  Stiffen-Up in Classic scent will leave your perfectly pressed items smelling fresh.

***More products from The Laundress available at LARK. 

New Arrival: Frank Leder (Men's & Women's)

Premium Baltic Linen Jersey Cardigan
100% Linen. Made in Germany.
Premium Baltic Linen Jersey Polo Shirt
100% Linen. Made in Germany.
Premium Baltic Linen Jersey Dress
100% Linen. Made in Germany.
Premium Baltic Linen Jersey Top
100% Linen. Made in Germany.

FRANK LEDER: Fabric for Thought

Frank Leder is a fashion designer. He set up his own label while still a student at Central St Martins in London and has been working slowly but steadily on creating his personal universe ever since. He relocated to Berlin in 2002, but is still much better known abroad than in his home country.
Aesthetically, he might be the most German designer of them all, but that might be misreading him entirely. Combining a wide-eyed curiosity with a taste for tradition and a healthy sense of humour, Frank Leder has created his very own niche in contemporary fashion. Whether staging a show for the blind or inviting buyers and press to view his new collection in his father’s hometown in Bohemia, he has made it clear that he will play the game by his own rules in a way that he feels comfortable with. He designs sound, well-crafted clothes that function on a surface level but also invite you to take a closer look. There just might be a little wink of the eye sewn into the fabric somewhere.

From the interview with Frank Leder by Wolfgang Altmann

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Arrival: MAKIÉ (Exclusive at LARK in Vancouver)

White Shirt (100% Cotton): See more photos HERE
Jacket (100% Cotton): See more photos HERE
Short Sleeve Shirt (100% Cotton): See more details HERE
Short Sleeve Dress: See more photos HERE

Brown Gingham Gathered Dress (100% Cotton): See more photos HERE
Brown Gingham Gathered Skirt (100% Cotton): See more photos HERE 

All fabric from Japan. Made in USA.

(Take a look at her beautiful book.)