Monday, March 2, 2009

New Arrivals: Mackintosh

Mackintosh is a brand of modern heritage built on true craftsmanship and a two hundred year history. In 1823, Charles Macintosh (without the 'K") developed the process of spreading rubber and cotton to create the worlds first formal waterproof fabric, signaling the arrival of the original Mackintosh coat.

Today, Mackintosh is a firmly established global brand that combines updated technology with traditional techniques to create the modern-day 'Mac'. Based in Cumbernauld, Scotland, every expert coat maker undertakes a three-year apprenticeship to ensure that they can construct outerwear to Mackintosh's unique specifications.

Mackintosh Men's Duncan (Dark Navy)

Mackintosh Men's Westmuir (Black)

Above: Mackintosh Men's Oban x LARK special edition

All made in Scotland.

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Paul Pincus said...

mackintosh's duncan is perfection. i use to buy my mac through jack spade (nyc) but recently i've been using mackintosh's online store.