Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zeha-Berlin: Urban Classics (Men's & Women's)

 Ankle Boot Tortora Bliss (Available in Men's sizes)
Ankle Boot Bosco Bliss (Available in Men's sizes)
Oxford Nero Morumbi (Available in Men's & Women's sizes)
Oxford Osso/Wash (Available in Women's sizes)
Oxford Grey Morumbi (Available in Women's sizes)
Ankle Boot Tortora Bliss (Available in Women's sizes)

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It all began in 1897 in Weida, Thuringia, Germany: then and there the master shoe maker Carl Häßner started to produce shoes which were soon to become popular all around the world. Thanks to premium quality and a design, which was already uniquely stylish in the wild 20s, Zehas became THE fashion item of artists and Bohemians. After the German separation Zeha started to focus on the prestige field of sports and soon advanced to be the official supplier of many Olympic teams.
After production had ceased in 1993, the brand fell into oblivion. But already in 2003 the Berliner Designer Alexander Barré and Torsten Heine initiated Zeha's successful comeback.
Committed to the Bohemian tradition, the casual designs of the new collection mirror the early days of the Zeha era. A touch of the 20s with the classic "Captoe Oxford"- and "Derby"-cuts of this epoch. A modernised and clear design and exclusive materials: the shoes are a great combination of traditional chic and uncomplicated style.

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