Thursday, March 26, 2009

Speciality Fabric Care: The Laundress

Stain free, Stress free
"Pit” Stain Removal Recipe:

*for use on durable fibers such as cotton and cotton blends

-Pour The Laundress Stain Solution on the direct stained area.
-Run hot water (we pour boiling water from the kettle) onto stain and soak in a basin.
(I usually soak for an hour or so, run some errands, etc)

-If stain has faded but isn’t completely gone, repeat the process.
(I keep repeating till satisfied)

-After pre-treating wash with The Laundress Detergent in the machine.
(We recommend the Whites Detergents for whites)

Stain Solution
non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free

We all know how frustrating tough stains can be. However, if treated properly they can be beat. The Laundress Stain Solution is enzyme-based to handle all mishaps. The Stain Solution is better to apply to a stain and soak/launder. Recommended for tough stains such as wine, tea, blood & grass.

Whites Detergent 3X Concentrate
non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free

We know how hard it is to keep your favorite white t-shirts white. The Laundress Whites Detergent is formulated to keep your whites as clean and bright as new. This product is composed to illuminate your white laundry by combining a non-bleach agents, optical brightener and stain fighting agents with our Classic scent.

Wash & Stain Bar
non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free

The Laundress developed Wash & Stain Bars as an alternative to removing tough stains on your sweaters, delicates and more. This product can be used for spot cleaning, hand washing or laundering on the go! The Wash & Stain Bar is best when used for working on stains found on collars, cuffs, small straps & other tricky areas. Not recommended for wine or tea stains. They're not just for in a drawer, closet and luggage. Airplane friendly.

Stiffen Up
non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free

We know how important crisp clothes are, but who wants to smell like starch? The Laundress developed Stiffen-Up with their Classic scent for starching use.  Stiffen-Up in Classic scent will leave your perfectly pressed items smelling fresh.

***More products from The Laundress available at LARK. 

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