Monday, July 7, 2008

White Jeans!

Last summer I was in New York and I saw this guy sitting next to a pile of garbage on a filthy stoop. A really filthy, a New York Filthy, stoop.

A lot of people have expressed worry over wearing white because it might get dirty. White jeans scare people. Like the fearlessness that this kid shows I beg you to also have no fear.  

We've brought in The Laundress laundering products so that you can battle stains and prolong the life of your precious whites and other scary fabrics. I can not preach the value of the Stain Solution enough. I got chocolate on my favourite white Yoshi top, and barbeque sauce, in the same evening. The next day I got both stains out with the stain solution. 

The white detergent is really effective for keeping your whites from yellowing. I use it to hand wash my favourite white tops and after a full season of wear they are all still white. It's not luck folks, it's staring fear in the eye and going forward. 


Marc said...

amazing, bbq sauce?

i once got mustard on a white t-shirt print (it was a black t-shirt), and it never ended up coming out.

Basco5 said...

It's so true, I fear wearing white and I must face this fear....

Lark said...

Often we create what we fear.

L.Cerre said...

what a great post!!

man...I have been wearing white jeans pretty much everyday this summer. high-waisted. loosely rolled-up. shirt tucked in. old boat shoes. and I'll probably continue wearing them through the winter. in my books, white is no longer taboo after sept.

In regards to keeping them white...I used to fear sitting on something dirty. but lately, i've just stopped worrying. if you don't care, and you wear them confidently, a little dirt don't hurt. i doubt that our friend picasso used bleach!

ps: i'm a girl.