Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nudie Last Pair Sale!

Last Pair, Last Chance.
There are some lonely pairs of jeans at Lark that are seeking happy home to go. 
The last pairs tend to get pushed away in the dark corner, and sometimes get lost in the shadow of  other big piles of  jeans....
So, we've decided to let them shine again, and make them look even more attractive...... yes, they are now 50% OFF !!!!!!! That's insane!

Here's the list of the styles and sizes.  Good luck, every body.
1. Super Slim Kim: White Denim: 31/34" 
2. Straight Sven: Dry Copper: 32/34" (This is a beautiful rusty copper brown.)
3. Straight Sven: Dry Selvage: 36/34" (This is the flame dry selvage, and it's a very rare colour.)

4. Straight Sven: Coated Denim: 32/34" & 33/34"
5. Regular Alf: Grey cast: 29/34" & 38/34" 
6. Even Steven: Organic Dry: 38/34"
7. Slim Jim: Brown Cord: 28/34"
8. Regular Alf: Black Cord: 33/34"

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