Monday, June 23, 2008


Our favourite men's wear designers were featured in dejour magazine.

If you have been into the store lately you would know that LOVA has our hearts, and given the chance we would paint this town LOVA! 

At Lark we look for things made with attention to detail, care for quality, and a subtle style that embodies the kind confidence that radiates rather than shouts. We found all of those things in this brand, and in the designers as well. The men behind LOVA are genuine and they have made a collection that reflects that quality.

Currently they have not yet made clothing for women, however, for the fall they have introduced double extra small sizes, which the girls at Lark are really looking forward to wearing.

Sometimes clothing and fashion can be much like a hollywood set that is glamorous on camera, but in reality is only a poorly made facade. It's so nice to have something that is quality through and through. So girls and boys, get your boys into some LOVA!

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