Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now Online: Chimala for women

Bib front shirt with pinstripe cotton x wool fabric. It is so soft and feels so good. 

The chambray vintage work shirt this season has details that are so beautiful. We love how Chimala knows how to push the limits of detailing, and finds the perfect amount of restraint at the same time. This shirt is a perfect example of that fine balance. 

Finally the perfect women's denim Jacket. The nep denim painter coverall is the perfect men's style fitted for a woman. The sleeve holes are cut a bit small leading to a tailored sleeve which looks so sharp. 

Herringbone work painter pants in used white, brass buttons, hand distressed detailing, Japanese cotton, what more could you possibly want.

The officer's chino is beautiful this season. It is done with a mercerized cotton, and you can tell just how high quality the cotton is by the sheen. Cotton that can be mercerized must be of at least Egyptian cotton quality and often sea island cotton is used, shorter fibres don't take on the sheen. Mercerized cotton is stronger and more durable, it is also the reason that the hand done detailing looks so strong and the textures hold so well. This is our first piece from Chimala that has this finish so we are very excited about it.  

Check out the first delivery of our women's Chimala

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Arrived: Chimala Fall/Winter 2010

Our first delivery of Chimala rolled in! Can't even tell you how excited we are. 
Everything looks just so freak'n AMAZING. 
We're putting all the items out on the floor today!
Painter Pants (Women's)
Chambray Work Shirt (Women's)
Oxford Shirt (Men's)
Denim Coverall Jacket (Women's)
Navy Officer's Chino (Women's) and many more tops and bottoms for both men's & women's (not pictured).

The items will be available to shop online shortly.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coming Soon: Yoshi Kondo Autumn/Winter 2010 (Women's)

Our delivery is on its way to Lark right now. We're super thrilled!
A little sneak peeks of what we have coming from Yoshi Kondo A/W 2010 Collection.
This Autumn/Winter 2010, we'll have lots of amazing outerwear. 
All the jackets come with the rare antique European buttons exclusively customized for Yoshi Kondo.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lark Bulletin (Part 4: New Window Sign)

A little change but a huge difference for us!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Preview: John Smedley Autumn/Winter 2010

At John Smedley they're known for high quality knitwear and a rich 225-year heritage. They're a luxury brand with roots in the Derbyshire countryside and garments. 
John Smedely Autumn Winter 2010 Collection
Their womenswear collection is all about the silhouette with shape and outline softened with a drape, a fold or tactile texture. The collection blends a colourful edge with a new elegant and androgynous take on women’s knitwear. The collection is contemporary and confident with optimistic brights and in-depth, rich jewel colours mixed with a palette of warm neutrals.
Their menswear collection draws inspiration from the personality of ‘The Archivist.’ Exploring the concept of a ‘collection’ in all its guises, the range blends well-loved pieces with future classics to create a textural and colourful anthology reminiscent of a passionately compiled archive. These will be timeless pieces to collect and to treasure.
(Below: Images via here.)
  • Read this excellent story from The John Smedley Factory by Mr. Andrew Williams. (The images above.)
  • Remember this?
  • Video: An interview with John Smedley Managing Director.
  • Don't miss our final summer sale deals on Men's sea island cotton sweaters --- HERE.
  • Check out our final summer sale on Women's sea island cotton cardigans --- HERE.

Both men's and women's A/W 2010 collections are available in store already!
Please visit us and enjoy the gorgeous John Smedley world at Lark.
All the items will be available online soon, too!

Lark Bulletin (Part 3: White Paint)

It was about time... The big bucket of white paint and the paint brushes were pulled out from our dark stock room the other day. Some good touch ups were much needed after the stage got removed!
(Special thanks to Dane and Chris for making our store look fresh again!)