Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now Online: Chimala for women

Bib front shirt with pinstripe cotton x wool fabric. It is so soft and feels so good. 

The chambray vintage work shirt this season has details that are so beautiful. We love how Chimala knows how to push the limits of detailing, and finds the perfect amount of restraint at the same time. This shirt is a perfect example of that fine balance. 

Finally the perfect women's denim Jacket. The nep denim painter coverall is the perfect men's style fitted for a woman. The sleeve holes are cut a bit small leading to a tailored sleeve which looks so sharp. 

Herringbone work painter pants in used white, brass buttons, hand distressed detailing, Japanese cotton, what more could you possibly want.

The officer's chino is beautiful this season. It is done with a mercerized cotton, and you can tell just how high quality the cotton is by the sheen. Cotton that can be mercerized must be of at least Egyptian cotton quality and often sea island cotton is used, shorter fibres don't take on the sheen. Mercerized cotton is stronger and more durable, it is also the reason that the hand done detailing looks so strong and the textures hold so well. This is our first piece from Chimala that has this finish so we are very excited about it.  

Check out the first delivery of our women's Chimala

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