Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In other news...

I would like to introduce you to Boxer. 
He is a special cat with great taste in packaging.

A customer of ours sent us these photos and explained that Boxer is in love with this Lark Bag, and has been for more then a year.

According to Courtney (and Brian) if you tell Boxer how nice his bag is it makes him happy, and if they try to take the bag away he gets sad. 

We offered Courtney a new Lark bag, and she admitted that she has brought some new ones home, but Boxer likes his old bag and isn't ready to move on. 
Both Courtney and Brian have gotten so used to their cats favourite toy that they refer to it as 'The Bag'.

Thank you to Courtney and Brian for sharing this story with us, it made our day.


Anonymous said...

Boxer is one of the coolest cats I've ever met - as his taste in bags would attest.

I miss you big guy.

Adrienne Grant said...

My boyfriend and I catsat for Boxer and I can verify that he is very protective of The Bag and is pleased when people comment on how nice it is.