Friday, May 7, 2010


We love linen, every summer you will find dresses, suits and sometimes scarves made from this amazing fibre in our brick and mortar store and online. 

Why linen when it wrinkles so much? Well we feel that the beauty and the luxury of this amazing fabric makes the wrinkles beautiful.

(Flax plant flower)

Linen is an expensive fabric to manufacture, it is a temperamental plant to grow and the quality of the finished linen fabric is heavily dependant on the quality of the plant itself. Flax fibres are found in the plant stalk and must be hand picked.

Linen is amazing because it can absorb 20% of it's weight in moisture before it feels wet, it dries quickly, it gets softer and nicer to the touch the more that it is washed. It is non-allergenic antistatic and antibacterial. It is pretty much magic and if you don't have any in your wardrobe you are really missing out. 

These two Frank Leder pieces are made with linen from a small company on the Baltic sea. They produce their fabrics from flax brought to them by farmers in their community that grow it in their fields. All of the runs of fabric that they make are done in small runs and are very special. The Baltic is to linen as France is to champaign and Belgium is to chocolate. Come to think of it, the only thing better then wearing Baltic linen is wearing Baltic linen while eating Belgian chocolate and drinking French Champagne.

Another interesting thing to know about Frank Leder is that all of the buttons used in his clothing are sourced from antique shops, lucky finds in cellars, and attics, and contacts who look out for dead stock buttons for him.

This dress is made in Japan with heavy 100% linen. The fit is loose and the look is so fresh. 

This jacket in made in Japan with 100% washed linen. This fabric has a beautiful drape and softness. The buttons are made from leather and are truly amazing. 

This romper is made in Japan with Selvage Irish Linen Chambray. That is a mouthful, if you try this piece on you will understand how it all comes together in a symphony of perfection. This romper is going to look better and better with wash and wear.

These Chimala pants are made in Japan with 60% cotton and 40% linen, the fabric is made with an oxford weave. This blend is nice in a pant because the cotton gives some stretch and flex to the fabric which would otherwise be very stiff and crisp. These pants feel very soft without repeated laundering.

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