Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Encyclopedia Britannica
plain-woven fabric, originally made completely of cotton fibres but later also of man-made fibres (we like the ol' fashioned cotton fibres), which derives its colour and pattern effects from carded or combed yarns. The name comes from the Malay word genggang, meaning "striped," and thence from the French guingan, used by the Bretons to signify cloth made from striped colouring. Medium or fine yarns of varying quality are used to obtain the plain, checked, or striped effects. The warp and the weft, or filling, may be the same, even-sided and balanced

The Chimala gingham short sleeve pull has all of the details one expects of high Japanese design. The popover style with front pleat and back loop with gathers make this shirt unlike any other.

This Lova gingham shirt is not yet available online, but if you can visit us we recommend that you come and give it a try. The resin buttons and fine Italian fabric are amazing.

A Short History of Gingham
Gingham made its first appearance in the 17th century, where it was imported to England and then migrated to the American colonies. Originally, using two different color fibers to produce a striping effect created gingham. But as time went on, gingham fabrics began to appear that had a checkered pattern, as well as plaids. Blue and white was the color combination of choice for many years.
The production of gingham was a major economic boon to Manchester England and the surrounding areas. In the New World, gingham made the textile industry a powerful force in what is now the Virginias, the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama. 

Alexander Olch ties and suspenders!

Okay ladies, I don't know if you've been waiting as long as I have for a great quality gingham shirt with a great fit, so you may not entirely understand my enthusiasm. But I can't even believe how much I love these gingham shirts made for us by Makie!!!

We've got four beautiful and classic colours for you to chose from. Now your only challenge is figuring out what to wear the other 3 days of the week. 

One of the best  qualities of a well made gingham shirt is how easy it is to look after. It launders easily and well. They look casual and sharp, they make your wardrobe more interesting without going over the top, and if you aren't in the mood to press them they can still look tidy.

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