Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Burkman Brothers Madras Cloth Pt 3.

Behind The Scenes: Burkman Bros. via GQ

"The Burkman Bros put a lot of thought into their collections:  We decided to enter 2010 the Burkman Bros way, gathering our strength, our wits and our inspiration on the beaches of Asia. Part holiday, part road tes, we wanted to make sure the fashion we created for our Spring 2010 collection delivered enough fresh ideas fo the beginning of a new decade." 

The inspiration behind this collection is "an American in Penang". Although the Brothers are Canadian they do make New York their home. The fact that they actually took the collection on the road to see if it would hold up as they had wanted is further proof of their dedication and love for what they do. 

"With the idea of "An American in Penang" in our heads, and our Spring 2010 collection on our backs, we toured the colorful markets, street vendors and beachside stalls that fed our imagination when we designed the line originally. Not only was it a great trip, but also a great reminder for us to constantly challenge ourselves and our work with new perspectives."

"Spring 2010 is all about the color and contrast inherent in exotic markets and beachside bazaars. Soft, lightweight slub madras and Ikat fabrics, hand embroidered belts, and perfectly cut polo shirts in lightweight pique combine with signature Burkman bros lined shorts and pants to create a well-edited collection we're really proud of. Not only did the collection hold up to beach life in Koh Samui, but it looked just as great on the streets of Bangkok as it does in New York, LA, London or Tokyo."

Where ever you live we can help you get yourself into some Burkman Bros .

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