Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Sale Feature: Makie sea island cotton shirts

Finding the perfect women's button down shirt is no easy task. What sets Makie shirts apart are that are made with Sea Island Cotton. This is the highest quality and most exclusive cotton available which was nearly brought to extinction due to the delicate nature of the plant and labour involved in the growing and harvesting of the plant.

Cotton that is referred to as 'Sea Island' comes from a small region in the Caribbean Sea and can not be grown inland. It was once grown in South Carolina and  Georgia but sometime after 1911 all of the crops were destroyed by an outbreak of the boll weevil. It is no longer grown in the US. Fortunately the British Ministry of Agriculture founded the West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association (WISICA) in 1932 to preserve the production of this cotton plant, and in 1980 the WISICA Japan project was established further securing the future of this rare plant.

Most cottons will change after a few washes, but sea island cotton feels silky and remains crisp even after many many washes.

(Blue Makie shirt pictured with Yoshi Kondo Night cardigan - also on sale.)

The Makie classic, single pocket shirt is also available in black in store, send an email if you are interested to: We recommend that you take one size larger then you normally would, with the exception of the large which fits a loose fit medium or regular large.

I like to use The Laundress Stiffen up when I press my shirts to give them a little extra crispness, the Makie shirts don't really need it but I use it anyway because it smells so nice.

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