Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feature: Gloverall

The word Duffle originally referred to a Heavy Woollen Cloth closely woven for warmth and manufactured in the Belgian Town of Duffel. However over the years it has come to signify a hooded coat with distinctive toggle fastenings which was adopted by the British Navy and used by officers and men of the watch to protect against the biting Atlantic and North Sea winds. The toggles could be unfastened whilst wearing thick gloves, and hoods were carefully designed to fit over peaked Naval caps.

The pictures below are from the Gloverall catalogue.

Photographs of servicemen during the 1914 - 18 war show a duffle type coat. Between the end of World War I and the start of World War II the coat was modified into the traditional Naval Duffle.

Each Gloverall coat comes with a card that has a message from Mrs. Frieda Morris, the wife and business partner of Mr. Harold Morris. It reads as follows.

"in 1950 out of sheer necessity my late husband Mr. Harold Morris and myself went into business as industrial clothing specialists with an already established connection that had been built up over a period of some years previously. We then sold cotton, leather, plastic-coated chain mail, industrial Gloves and also cotton Overalls. My husband dreamed up the name Gloverall. I made the script and had the foresgiht to register it as a 'brand' name which is now covered in most countries."

-Mrs Frieda Morris

The most well known Gloverall Duffle is named after  Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein. Known as Monty he was a Field Marshal (the highest military rank in the United Kingdom). Monty was known to wear the original naval duffle which this one was fashioned after in his honour.

Find the Monty here.

Find the contemporary slim duffle for men here.

Duffle coats are for women too!

Find the women's contemporary duffel in cranberry here.

(removable storm flap)

(adjustable hood)

(wooden toggle with leather strap)

Find the toggle melton cape coat here.

"Recognized worldwide as the foremost Original Duffle Coat Gloverall has gained Iconic status as a design classic. Playing a part in fashion and culture through the last 60 years Gloverall draws on it's Military and Industrial Heritage to be one of the most respected and loved British Brands.

A balance of tradition and modernity reflects through our coats with manufacturing in England and our newly introduced collection Made in London England."

The history of this coat and of this brand is really exciting, but the cultural significance and the style seal the deal.

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Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Bought on second hand in a market for £50. As good as new and I'm glad to learn that it is indeed as special as I thought it was!

Lark said...

Once in a while a treasure like that comes along in a flea or second hand market, Gloverall has been around a long time. Congrats on the great find!