Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zeha Berlin New Arrivals


1897: Zeha was founded in Weida, Thuringia.
1948: Production started at the new factory-complex in Hohenleuben.
Production of football boots started in the early 50s.
1954: The Zeha trademark was developed and registered.
1955: Zeha had distinguished itself as a specialist shoe factory, and, in 1960, became official supplier of the GDR Olympic team.
1962: The national team of the former Soviet Union played in Chile: They too wore 'Zeha' brand sport shoes – by this time the shoes already featured their characteristic obliquely offset dual stripes.
1964: Not only GDR athletes wore Zeha shoes during the Olympic games, but also the USSR’s team.
1965: Zeha won the gold medal for exceptional performance in the field of street-wear at the Leipzig Trade Fair.
1972: The company 'VEB Spezialsportschuh, Hohenleuben' kept the Zeha trademark.
In the late 70s, Zeha shoe research had grown to be an indisputable GDR hallmark, and the shoes had become a best-selling export: in Scandinavian Sweden they were preferably worn in the national colours: yellow and blue.
1993: Production ceased under the name 'Zeha shoe factory Hohenleuben GmbH' after the fall of the wall and interim re-privatisation.

The craftsmanship and the history that goes into each pair of shoes captured our imaginations, and it became the catalyst for our great selection of historical brands. All you have to do is to try a pair on to realize that the history makes a difference.

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