Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Arrivals: John Smedley

We can now boast that we carry the highest quality sweaters in the world. There is no brand that has the ability to make what John Smedley has perfected over the last 225 years.


Just 13 years after Richard Arkwright develops the first water-powered spinning mill, Peter Nightingale and his associate John Smedley establish John Smedley as an enterprise at the original mill in Lea Mills.

(Classic design from 1956)

(Workers in 1911)

There are some very important, key ingredients which go into making a fabulous quality John Smedley garment:

  • Selecting the very best raw materials from around the world, unique to John Smedley.
  • Knitting and 'Fully Fashioning' the garment to shape, adds that prestigious hallmark of quality.
  • Linked seams, where each and every joining stitch is linked together by hand to eliminate unsightly and uncomfortable ribbed seams.
  • Over 35 hand finish operations are employed in making one garment. Care and attention are of paramount importance.
  • The finest Derbyshire spring water from our own natural source is used in wet finishing and dyeing.
  • Ultra fine, lightweight John Smedley knitwear contains approximately 1,206,000 knitted stitches per garment.

More John Smedley history here. 225 years means there is a lot to read about!

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