Friday, June 8, 2007

Mount Pleasant festival

The Main Street festival put on by the BIA was an amazing success!

The photo above is of the barbque that Aurora Bistro used to make the ribs you see below. They were disapearing so fast into the mouths of festival goers like myself.

Thanks for the ribs Jeff!

And here is a picture of Rich Hope using a Rib Bone as a slide! That man IS rock and roll!

And there was Elvis too.

Cotton Candy made by a very kind volunteer named Owen. Thanks Owen!

And more Cotton Candy made with the help of Elaine Corden who organized large portions of the festival. Thanks Elaine!

The Manvils gave an awesome performance with more noise than Vancouver is used to! Thanks Guys! Thanks for rocking 8th ave!

Burcu gave a performance that was out of a storybook. Imagine being lost on a European country road when a group of Performers leap from their caravan, circle your carriage, take you into a land of their creation and disapearing as suddenly as they appeared leaving you unsure of whether what had happened was a dream or reality. That is the only way to explain.

Thanks for the Chicken wings Nigel! Habit has the best chicken wings in town....and I also have a lot of love for their chocolate brownie with mocha ice cream.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Mount Pleasant festival the amazing success that it was!

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Stylefinder said...

Aw, looks like you guys had so much fun! I had to work....


Hey, somebody stole my Nudies from my laundry basket (shared laundry room = rrrrghhh) so I'll be back in soon for a new pair, as soon as I can scrape toegther enough change in my denim fund.

They also nabbed a pair of Cheap Mondays and a brand new Denibirds teeshirt. Damn them!