Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2 year old Nudie Jeans

Here are some photo's of Natsumi's Slim Kim's two years on. For the first wash Natsumi flipped them inside out and did a hot wash after a year. Since then she has washed them only one more time. I personally don't think that I could get back into my Kim's if I washed them warm or hot, but for a greater wash effect the warmer water seems to have done the trick.

The shoes Natsumi is wearing are Repetto available at Umeboshi

I have no idea how Natsumi got these little holes in her front pockets, I love them.

The back pocket detail is really great. I love how the denim has molded around her lip balm.

These are the wrinkles behind her knees.

Natsumi has patched the left knee to prevent a little hole from getting bigger and she's about to patch the other one too.

It's so hard to imagine that a pair of raw denim jeans will ever break in and look this loved. When you first get them you might worry about the indigo dye coming off on your shoes and your couch, you get worried about spilling food on them, and then you wash them and don't ever want to let them go. Thanks Nudie for making such great jeans!


Basco5 said...

Sweet your blogs up, congrats. You don't even want to see my 3 year old pair of "loved" jeans, so comfy yet I'm afraid they are slowly dieing, I'll just have to down grade them to "art studio only status"...hehehe

fred said...

Very nice styling. You know your denim. It looks real not contrived.

The Truth said...

Man those Nudie Jeans look even sweeter after 2 years !

Lark said...

Yeah, you should see them now. They look even better!