Monday, December 6, 2010

Stay Warm!

[Recommendations from Lark]
The little things that keep you warm and make you happy.

  • Dents Gloves: The most Elegant and classic leather gloves for ladies and gentlemen. 
  • Tannis Hegan: Recycled Fur Earmuffs to spice up your everyday wardrobe. 
  • Danae for Lark: These hand knitted mini wool blankets. Go very well with hot chocolate.
  • Johnstons Scarves: Grab the traditional Scottish tartan scarf on the way to your Scotch.
  • Scott-Nichol Socks: Cozy wool socks for your happy feet in the snow! 
  • Alexander Olch: Handsome wool neckties and bow ties for your hot dates.

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