Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gloverall for Men in-store

About Gloverall

Icons of British Excellence

Recognised worldwide as the foremost Original Duffle Coat Gloverall has gained Iconic status as a design classic. Playing a part in fashion and culture through the last 60 years Gloverall draws on it's Military and Industrial Heritage to be one of the most respected and loved Britsh Brands.
A balance of tradition and modernity reflects through our coats with manufacturing in England and our newly introduced collection Made in London England.
In the 50's Gloverall created what is know as todays Duffle Coat, with a check back double faced fabric, horn toggles and leather fastenings. Many companies try to emulate and copy but there is only one and that is the Original Gloverall Duffle Coat.


Curious? Drop us a line: or (604) 879-5275


pofu said...

do you have this in tan?

Lark said...

Hello Pofu,

We don't have any men's tan, or camel Gloverall in this season unfortunately. Next season we may bring it back though!