Friday, June 25, 2010

Now Online: Fred Perry

A Brief History

The man behind this iconic brand remains the last British Tennis Player to have won Wimbledon, and one of only 6 players to have one all four grand slam events. Fred Perry remains one of the worlds greatest tennis players of all times.

The history behind the man and his brand is interesting, particularly for anyone who loves the game of Tennis. His humble background as the son of a cotton spinner was not the sort of background which tennis players came from in those times. Fred Perry was the first commoner to take on the Tennis Elite and beat them mercilessly. 

The brand started with a simple antiperspirant device worn around the wrist invented by Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner in 1940, this device became the sweatband. The pair became partners and soon were creating Polo-shirts that out competed all other tennis shirt brands of the day.

The 1960's

Fred Perry the brand moved from Tennis to British pop culture and pretty soon the 1960's saw a wave of mods from England to Italy sporting Vespas, Lambretta's, and Fred Perry Polo's. 

Behind the Scenes

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