Friday, July 24, 2009

New Arrivals!

Tiger of Sweden for women

Lightweight wool sweaters available in bordeaux and indigo

Button down shirts and a women's suit have also arrived and will be pictured soon

Tiger of Sweden for men

Tiger three button blazer with Tiger French cuff shirt (also available in black). Pictured with a vintage, black silk Lova tie.

Matching pants sold as separates so you can chose pant and jacket sizes
(Lark offers free pant hemming and sleeve hemming)


(White Franz shirt pictured here is also available in black and comes with a pocket square)


Lilianne said...

Hello, I really like the women sweaters, but I do not see them on your online store, will they be available, and what is the price?

Thank you!

Lark said...

Hi Lilianne,

The women's sweaters are available at the store right now, and they'll be up on our website soon. The price is $159 CAD.


Lilianne said...

Thank you for the reply!
It is a great idea to have a blog like this!