Friday, February 6, 2009

Gift Choice: Pyrrha

Wings and Wheat: The wings are symbolic of protection, and the wheat signifies the achievement of one's hopes and dreams.
(Ring: $172. CAD)

Fox Head: The fox represents someone who will use all of their wit and wisdom in their defense.
(Ring: $233. CAD)

Forget- Me- Not
(Bracelet: $110. CAD)

Fidelity: Seal reads "Fidele en absence" in french, which means "Faithful in absence"
(Necklace: $150. CAD)

Lion and Stag Crest: Motto: "Nee cupias nee metuas" - "Neither be fearful or wanting", The stag represents peace and harmony; the lion, courage.
(Necklace: $150. CAD)

Integrity: Seal reads "Always the same" in French, and depicts two laurel leaves intertwined.
(Necklace: $119.CAD)

More different styles available at the store.
See more photos HERE.

Pyrrha: The pieces in the Seals line are cast from authentic 19th century wax seals. Every design has a symbolic meaning taken from family heraldry.

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