Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pyrrha (New Arrival)

Necklace ($86 - $191 CAD. )
Bronze Shamrock ($86 CAD): Seal reads "Erin go braph" which means "Ireland forever". The shamrock is a symbol of good luck.
Bronze Hourglass ($143 CAD): Seal reads "Seize me before I seize you" The hourglass is a symbol of time passing.
Bronze Hand ($86 CAD): Seal reads "Love Truth". The hand is a symbol of sincerity.
Running Horse ($119 CAD): Seal reads "Valiant by land and sea" in Latin. Horses symbolize speed, grace and intelligence.
Grand Duke Ring ($290 CAD. Size 8): The armour represents brave worriors, and the crown, nobility. The lions on either side of the shield denote courage.
Five Fleur De Lis Ring ($266 CAD. Size 9): Motto "Virtus sibi premium" which means "Virtue is it's own reward". The fleur de lis represents purity and light.
Fox Head Band Ring ($233 CAD): The fox represents someone who will use all of their wit and wisdom in their defense.
Fox Cuff Links ($152 CAD)
Fox Head Necklace ($130 CAD)

There're a lot more available at the store! 

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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

These are FABULOUS. I am in love.