Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Terre et Mer Silk series (New Arrival)

It is said that silk was discovered when a cocoon from the larva of a Bombyx mori moth fell from a mulberry tree into the teacup of the Chinese empress Hsi Ling-shi in the third milennium b.c.; she opened it and found a glistening thread.
Silk is a very fine fiber and the strongest of the natural ones (it is as strong as nylon, and is often compared to iron wire of the same thickness). It's also wrinkle-resistant, and holds shape well. At the same time, it's very elastic -- it can stretch up to 120% of its length before snapping, it retains pleats and colour well, it's lightweight, and although it can be warmer than wool, it is a year-round fabric.

TERRE et MER 100% silk camisole is one of my favorite things to wear all the time.
Silk Camisole ($110)

Silk Blouse with Bow ($180)

Silk Long Tunic ($210)

Silk Dress ($200) Sold Out

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