Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gift Ideas

These alpaca scarves are handmade by local brand Danae. The wool comes from an organic alpaca farm in Alberta and each scarf has a photo of the actual alpaca that the wool came from. Wool from an alpaca is as warm as sheep wool, but much more soft and less itchy. These scarves can be worn by men and women. Although they are handmade and the wool is super high quality they wont break your bank.

Bertoni made some gread card cases. They hold regular sized business cards and credit cards can also fit if you would like to use them as a money clip.

Cuff links are sexy there are no two ways about it.

What all women need whether they know it or not is a a proper silk camisole that is actually worn as underwear not outerwear. Under a sweater or a button down shirt it adds a soft warmth. These camisoles come from Parisian brand Terre Et Mer...seriously, who doesn't love something French and something silk?

We wish you all luck in finding beautiful things for the people you love!

Happy Holidays,


jewellerbau said...

hi Lark!

Congratulations on the lark brand!
I can't wait to check it out :)

Its Joelle here from (JewellerBau)
inviting you and your friends to the opening of
"A bird in the Hand" by leannej
Tuesday January 15 at 7 pm around the corner from Lark at (JewellerBau) 42 Kingsway.

The exhibition is of small soft sculptures of birds and accompanying texts. they are beautiful and there just may be a Lark. I know there is a Passenger Pidgeon and perhaps there is a thrush.
Check out our blog for more info

hope to see you soon.
Joelle and DIna

Lark said...

Hey Joelle and Dina!

You're finally open! Yay!