Monday, November 12, 2007

Lark Logo Show

I've taken photos of thumbnail images I have. The actual work is so much more amazing, but I wanted to give you all a preview of the show. A special thank you goes out to Nick Tay and Nathaniel Johnson for putting the show together using the Lark logo as inspiration. We Lark people are very lucky to have such talented friends.

There will be a party to celebrate sometime in December, I'll be sure to send an invite out to our e-mail list when the plans are made. Rumour has it that it will also be a christmas party with Santa Klaus in attendance. I say Santa Klaus as we are attempting to bribe our favourite German to play the part.

Thank you to all of the artists that did such an amazing job of interpreting our logo, which was designed by Claudia Davila.


Basco5 said...

Those are very nice design, I think your right, you do have some amazingly talented friends:)

Lark said...

Thanks Nils. You happen to be one of them!

Basco5 said...