Thursday, October 25, 2007

Zeha Tea Party

I was so busy enjoying the party that I didn't take very many photos!

Here we have our table laden with treats, coffee, tea and booze.

Here we have Stephanie, the winner of a pair of Zeha boots. I think she went home and cuddled them...I did when I bought mine!

Thanks again to Cascade, Aurora Bistro and Soma for contributing Gift certificates for out Draw. A special Thanks to Joe and Soma for providing us with tea, biscotti, and chocolate for the party. Also not to be forgotten in Axel for baking cookies, and mostly for importing these amazing shoes into North America for us!


abby said...

Those boots in the top photo are amazing!
I just scoured the zeha website and found no high top ones. Could you please tell me what brand those are and/or if you still have them available?
My email is

Lark said...

Hey Abby,

i just wrote back to you with some information. I'm glad that you like them!