Saturday, September 1, 2007


Lark 8th Avenue is baaaaaack! SInce moving the shop to Main st we decided to keep the name of our house brand as Lark 8th Ave. This way we will never forget where we started with just 700 sq feet off of Main st next to the Nice cafe.

You can see the shirt in more detail in our New Arrivals section. Here we've paired it with a drykorn vest.

We found some really funny plants at the Flower Factory and brought them into the shop. They are now part of our tie display. I couldn't resist uploading a photo.

New Stockings! Ridiculous and awsome all at the same time.

Lately we've been burning this scented candle by Malene Birger and it's really lovely. It's soft, not too strong, not sweet or too flowery.

I know what you're thinking. You're like: 'Noooh! that's too good to be true!' and like: ' are the five spiced apple donuts on the menu?' and also like: 'everyday!?' YES! it's all true, Christmas has come early my friends.

A discovery I made today is this place:

I got two Montreal smoked meat sandwiches for $10 ( I swear I only ate one and the other was for Natsumi) and they each came with a delicious pickle, really good mustard and no funny business. It's a really cute place and worth turning off of Mains st for.

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